Adobe Certified Expert
Graphic Designer & 
3D Generalist

I am friendly, approachable, sober, honest, purposeful, knowledgeable, creative, interested, precise, highly organised and passionate. I am motivated by challenge, artistic views, simplicity, creativity, teamwork and professionalism. It is a time when I am looking for an opportunity, which allows me to use my various professional and personal skills. An opportunity that challenges me to further improve, and one that requires my knowledge. I am an educated, experienced, lively, funny Hungarian guy with a high level of cultural literacy, and maybe I'm being a little bit eccentric here and there. I am also an excellent cook. I’m currently learning to speak German and studying cognitive behavioural therapy at the same time.
My key strengths are:
Out-of-the-box thinker · Native in visual communication · Adobe certified expert · Strong artistic background · Creativity fuelled by a wide array of artistic experience (theatre, music, fine arts) · Excellent problem solver · A good hand for simplification and optimisation · Precise and simple administration · Ability and experience to work in a cross-cultural team · Embracing new technologies and skills · Excellent communicational skills · Experienced and capable mentor.
For my complete curriculum, please click here.
For my Intimately Personal Graphic Design Portfolio, please open this link.
You can check me out on LinkedIn. You are also more than welcome to visit the website of my business, 25/7 Design Studio.
If you have any questions, opinions, or you just want to say hi, send me a message.
Thanks for sending me a message. I'm going to reply as soon I can.— Feri